The best service and end product I have experienced in a very long time. George comes to my home for stress free harvesting and cleans up before he leaves! His prices are so reasonable and the quality of the product, the way it's wrapped and labeled is truly professional! I will be using Georges custom meat this year for my hogs - Thank you!!!

Tomas Cary   I called George to schedule a slaughter of my three pigs, I am a new customer. George came out the next morning and performed a very clean and professional service. From start to finish we were impressed. George is an honest and a man with good character. We will send any work we can your way and will have out again for our next butcher service. Thank you and God Bless.

Joe Buckley Quincy Ca.
George does excellent work best smoked sausage ever and his cuts and wrapping are second to none.

Tabitha George is terrific. Friendly personable and caring not just about the human customer but the animals he processes. Knowledgeable, humane and takes tremendous pride in his work and ethic. You can't go wrong giving George business.

We have heard nothing but GREAT things about you! We'd like to have you try our next steers and hogs to butcher. The last Mobile Butcher was an idiot and had to shoot the animal multiple times to kill it... Also ruined one of our prized longhorn shoulder mounts. Needless to say we're in need of someone professional. We look forward to doing business with you!
If George was a restaurant, he'd deserve five stars~ his sausages and meats are superb, all are top quality, well-priced and perfectly wrapped.
Adam And Krystal Levine
Just picked up our 2nd pork purchase from George, and look forward to seeing you in 6-12 months for our next purchase. George is a really nice guy, and a pleasure to do business with - We had communication issues (Our fault, ringer was off) and he drove an extra hour to accommodate our timing needs. Pricing is great, couldn't ask for better. Can't say how happy we are that we've found such a reliable source of great pork. Valajo ca.
Great guy George. reliable, friendly and has been a big help with advice. George, thanks for the tour and bacon. Excellent job on our lambs and Ram Very Humane and Great tight Double wrapped Packaging. Thanks Again, Ron & Donna

Kelsey SouzaGeorge's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting is a great place to get ur meat. George is very good at his job and works very hard on getting what his cutomers want. I myself am a big fan of the meat he provides me and my family. So if you ever want fresh meat for GREAT!!! Prices go to George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting. Thank You!!
Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable FarmJust a plug for George Westbrook and his George's Mobile Butcher company. George is GirlFarms guy when it comes to humanely butchering our animals.
That's the BEST bacon ever! Fabulously balanced smokey and maple sweet flavor
Had to sneak away from Woody, our gilt and soon to be sow, last night. She is in heat, so already very agitated. I literally tip toed away when I realized she was up. She stops everything-moving, breathing, chewing and stands very, very still to listen. You should hear her chat you up when she is agitated like this. Our awesome mobile butcher George Westbrook even commented how chatty she is.
Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable Farm Eddy we use a local mobile butcher from Quincy, Ca he was so decent respectful and caring. George Westbrook as in Georges Mobile Butcher. Applewood and real maple truly a masterpiece. Additionally, it doesn't hurt our friend Joe Horn of Reno's now famous Dish Cafe and catering said we MUST raise Berkshires!
Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable Farm Oh man, the best bacon ever. Perfect smoke/real maple syrup balance. Amazing!
Hi George,
I'm one of Wendy Baroli's farm families and I'm an addict...addicted to your bacon!  How can I get my hands on more of it?  And, I see that you do sausage and salami and other yumminess.  Do you have a price list? 
Thank you,
Debbie Rominger
Mary Morton-JohnsonGeorge, the smoked bacon I bought from you is so delicious and makes a mean BLT! : )
Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable Farm George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting phone has been ringing off the wall. His smoked bacon is going fast. Don't pass up this chance for extra bacon in your freezer. You can also be assured that if he has bacon he may have other cuts as well
Girlfarm/Grow For Me Sustainable Farm George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting has bacon in the smoker. Contact him if you want extra bacon. It is ridiculously good, unbelievably economical when compared to grocery store prices, antibiotic free, hormone free, free range, all natural pork and preservative (i.e. nitrite and nitrate) free!
George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cuttingone of our local butchers once told me if you wrap meat in just paper your customers will need you more often then if you use shrink wrap which protects the product from freezer burn. I want the last package to taste as fresh as the first. even if it is two years from now.
Our butcher George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting is awesome! Some of you met him this morning when he delivered the last of the 2010 beef. Regardless, if you were at the ranch today that was his smoked ham you had for lunch. If you ever have needs for additional meat products George is your guy. Friend him on Facebook for updates on what he has coming into his shop
George-I know we had something to do with raising that pork, but seriously I have never had such good ham in my LIFE. We are all out of ham. If you have any hams coming up soon please let us know. And lets all keep our fingers crossed that Woody has 12 little piglets.
Every week should start with a delivery of 2 pounds of bacon from George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting. Thanks Debbie Rominger and Jami Horner!!!!
Hardest part of the round-up. Lost a lamb to bloat today. Could not save it in time. George's Mobile Slaughter & Custom Meat Cutting on his way out to salvage hopefully. Was planning on slaughtering the lambs this next week anyway so we have them separated from the ewes. Thank you George Westbrook for responding on a dime.
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